Hi! And welcome!

My first foray into the world of beauty was at the age of 5 where I found myself as the subject of my parents' outlandish skincare claims, and would smear eaten watermelon slices on my arms in hopes for smoother skin.

A few years later, I would re-enter on my own accord. Some of my most joyful memories from my early teens are from the floor of my bedroom - deeply enamoured and fascinated by how coloured cosmetics could transform firstly my physical appearance and subsequently, my entire mood.

Fascination turned into obsession and eventually, I started to question the role of the objects around my beauty routine and how they contribute to that secondary feeling of a mood uplift.

I started ETOILE in 2016 because, due to a lack of purpose, structure and storage, I felt like the joy had been ripped out of my beauty routine. So, ETOILE exists for the beauty enthusiast, creator and professional who wants to feel calm amongst the chaos and enjoys the journey as much as the destination.

Michelle Hu
CEO + Founder