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The feelings you get when you’re getting ready, whether it’s calm or chaos, that is your beauty routine: it’s intimate, a little vulnerable, super transformative, and always personal.

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Your upgraded (and clean) beauty routine awaits:
✨ Fits and stores up to 2x dry or 1x damp sponge
✨ Made of antimicrobial silicone with air vent
✨ Top can be flattened and used as sponge holder

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In The Press

"I completely understand the hype; it’s aesthetic, incredibly high quality and super spacious."

"This is one of my absolute favorite makeup organizers, truly because the quality of Etoile is unmatched, and I'll know it'll last me forever."

"Perfect for beauty-loving travellers... this luxe case is a makeup addict’s dream."

"Since receiving my vanity case, I must say that this has become my sun, moon, and all  the stars."

About Us

ETOILE is dedicated to transforming beauty routines into artful, feel-good experiences. Founded in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia by Michelle Hu, ETOILE emerged from a deep-seated passion for beauty and personal expression, tracing back to Michelle's childhood experiences with skincare and her transformative teenage years immersed in the world of cosmetics. 

ETOILE's mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts and professionals with solution oriented and thoughtfully designed accessories that do more than their regular counterparts. ETOILE exists to elevate one's beauty routine.

What started as a teenage obsession turned into a garage at-home operation and then blossomed into multi warehouses across Australia. In 2021, ETOILE crossed the Pacific and opened it's virtual doors in the US, taking Michelle with it. Now, she too, resides in New York with a goal to bring beauty-care into every routine.


A case for beauty, since 2016.

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ÉTOILE is a female-founded Australian beauty accessories brand, creating functional essentials around the culture and routine of getting ready.