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The Best Makeup Drawer Insert 

Limited space? Ever-growing collection? Chaotic vanity? If the rate of your makeup and skincare collection is anything like ours (growing at least 3X faster than how much space we can make to store it all) and you consistently revert to using your countertop space to horizontally lay out products, then you need to keep reading. 

Tabletop makeup organizers like a rotating Skincare Holder, Skincare Shelf, or any other makeup storage unit that allows you to organize upwards can be incredibly practical. However, even then, it requires significant countertop space that one mightn't have the luxury of having thinking of my own classic NYC apartment.

For cozier spaces, the ultimate game-changer is ETOILE’s makeup organizer drawer insert. We’ve found you’ll get the most bang for your buck by using drawers and especially Etoile's customizable makeup organizer drawer inserts. These inserts, celebrated for their sophisticated design and superior functionality, are specifically designed to maximize your drawer space. They neatly organize your products in a way that’s both accessible and visually appealing. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to streamlined, efficient storage with Etoile's innovative makeup organizer drawer inserts!

The difference between normal drawer inserts and drawer inserts for makeup

What distinguishes normal drawer inserts from those specifically designed for makeup and beauty products? One of the main differences is their thickness. Makeup-specific drawer inserts are often slimmer, maximizing space efficiency for small, delicate items. In contrast, generic drawer inserts are usually thicker and less efficient in organizing these types of products.

Another significant difference lies in customization and material. Standard drawer inserts often come in a generic, non-customizable shape, which can be limiting for various sizes and shapes of makeup products. Makeup drawer inserts, like Etoile's, usually feature adjustable dividers for tailored organization and are made from materials like acrylic. This not only ensures a sleek, space-maximizing design but also makes cleaning easy, allowing for quick wiping of makeup spills.

Functionality is key in makeup organizer drawer inserts. They are designed with multiple divider slots, allowing the customization of compartment sizes to fit diverse product dimensions. This adaptability, combined with the use of thin, cleanable materials, sets them apart from normal drawer inserts, making them a superior choice for efficiently organizing and accessing makeup and beauty products.

Popular and Practical Makeup Inserts

If you’ve seen any beauty blogger on Youtube, Tik Tok, or Instagram, you've likely noticed they definitely have the IKEA Alex Drawers, a staple for anyone embarking on their beauty journey. These drawers are well-priced, boast a clean, minimal aesthetic, and offer ample storage. However, owning drawers doesn’t automatically lead to organized space. Without proper management, drawers can quickly become cluttered, with products rolling to the back or falling down the sides.

To address this, we’ve created acrylic inserts specifically designed for the IKEA Alex Drawer Unit. These inserts are a perfect fit for both the 5 Drawer (14 1/8x27 1/2") and the 9 Drawer (14 1/8x45 5/8") models. The Alex Drawer makeup inserts are customizable to accommodate different product sizes. They come in two sets of acrylic strips (horizontal and vertical) that lock into place, allowing you to remove unnecessary strips to create larger compartments. This customization ensures that your makeup storage is both neat and easily accessible, transforming your drawers into a beauty enthusiast’s dream.

Our 3 Dividers for all your makeup organizational needs 

The Drawer Divider set is perfect for your compacts, blushes, highlighters, organizing these smaller, flatter items in a way that makes them easily visible and accessible at a glance. 

The Lipstick Divider set is designed specifically for your lipsticks, ensuring each one stands upright and is neatly separated, making color selection a breeze. 

The Foundation Divider set, which is taller than the other two, is ideal for holding your foundations, bottles, sprays, and even lotions, providing ample space for these taller items while keeping them secure and upright.

Note! These dividers do not come with material at the bottom and were designed to sit within drawers. If you have a tendency to want to clean your drawers or move things around, we would recommend using our acrylic makeup trays for drawer inserts instead: These come with a base so they are portable without having all your product fall through.

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