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Limited space? Ever-growing collection? Chaotic space?

If the rate of your makeup and skincare collection is anything like ours (growing at least 3X faster than how much space we can make to store it all) and you consistently revert to using your oh-so-precious countertop space to horizontally lay out products, then you *need* to keep reading. Because we’ve got solutions that’ll actually help you get organized so you can spend less or even no time searching for missing products.

Tabletop makeup organizers like a rotating Skincare Holder, Skincare Shelf, or any other makeup storage unit that allows you to organize upwards can be incredibly practical however even then, it requires significant countertop space that one mightn’t have the luxury of having *thinking of my own classic NYC apartment*.

For *cozier* spaces, we’ve found you’ll get the most bang for your buck by using drawers and drawer inserts. In particular, customizable makeup drawer inserts.

ETOILE makeup drawer inserts used to organize the IKEA Pax Drawers

What is the difference between normal drawer inserts and drawer inserts for makeup?

  1. Generic drawer inserts are usually much thicker than ones designed specifically for makeup and beauty
  2. They can also be of a generic shape and not customizable
  3. Materials of normal drawer inserts can be difficult to clean

You’ll want to look for products like these that are super thin, made of a material (acrylic) where you can wipe inevitable makeup spills and most importantly, have multiple divider slots so you can customize the size of your compartments

The most popular shelves used amongst beauty lovers

If you’ve watched any beauty blogger on Youtube, Tik Tok or Instagram, you’ll notice that they p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y̶ definitely have the IKEA Alex Drawers which at this point, is a rite of passage for anyone starting their beauty journey. And we totally get it: They are well priced, have a clean minimal aesthetic, and provide a TONNE of storage. 

However, don’t get trapped into thinking that as soon as you’ve got drawers, you’re going to become Miss Marie Kondo herself because all too often, your drawers will be neat for circa one week before things pile up, product rolls to the back of drawers and potentially even fall down the sides. 

To prevent this from happening and due to the sheer number of beauty enthusiasts who have these drawers, we made acrylic inserts that will perfectly fit inside the IKEA Alex Drawer Unit (and yes, we have 2 different sizes to fit the 5 Drawer 14 1/8x27 1/2 " and the 9 Drawer 14 1/8x45 5/8 "). 

These Alex Drawer makeup inserts will perfectly fit the length and width of the IKEA unit and can be heavily customized to create smaller or larger compartments. The dividers arrive in 2 sets of acrylic strips (horizontal ones and vertical ones). They then lock into place and you can remove the strips you don’t need to create a larger compartment. 

For your convenience however, we created 3 divider sets:

Note! These dividers do not come with material at the bottom and were designed to sit within drawers. If you have a tendency to want to clean your drawers or move things around, we would recommend using our acrylic makeup trays for drawer inserts instead: These come with a base so they are portable without having all your product fall through. 

And YES, before you ask, they also perfectly fit the width of the IKEA Alex Units. Shop our trays below: 

Frequently Asked (Drawer Inserts) Questions

  • What is the best way to clean acrylic makeup organizers and drawer inserts? 

  • Whilst we love acrylic in being easy to wipe down, there are also certain chemicals you want to avoid using to ensure the acrylic keeps its crystal transparency for longer. We recommend avoiding Windex (believe it or not, it actually ruins acrylic). Chemicals should
    never be used. Instead, we find soap and water works best. General care should also be taken to avoid scratches.

  • Are there different types of acrylic? What is the best quality? 

  • Absolutely there are! There are many forms of plastic alternatives that makeup organizers can be created from. The reason our makeup organizer range is at a higher price point than is due to the type of acrylic we use (Lucite). Sunlight will not affect our acrylic pieces  and will not yellow under sunlight. However, for most other plastics, it will have a negative effect and cause discoloration and cloudiness overtime.

    The Lucite acrylic we use is also incredibly durable (used by construction and design professionals).

  • Do you have makeup drawer inserts for the IKEA Alex Drawers

  • Yes we do! These
    makeup inserts perfectly fit both the IKEA Alex 5 Drawer Unit and the 9 Drawer Unit, making it a must have for anyone who owns these drawers. The dividers stretch along the entire width and depth of the drawer to ensure you utilize every last inch effectively. 

  • What is the best makeup organizer for drawers

  • Sure, random boxes and tubs can be a low-cost option to organize your beauty collection (and they definitely work to clear clutter from what would otherwise be an extremely chaotic vanity). However, thoughtfully designed organizers for the purpose of storing makeup and skincare can save you minutes from your getting-ready routine as it’ll provide a structure for how you keep organized, plus give every product a home.

    Have a browse of our entire acrylic makeup organizer collection here where you will then be able to filter by what you’re organizing (foundation / skincare / brushes / compacts / lip products etc)